A Premier League Club With Chinese Connections

If you’re new to online sports betting, you’ve probably heard of companies like BK8. BK is an abbreviation for Betfair, one of the leading betting exchange sites on the internet. Betfair is controlled by London-based broker ACM and is one of the most popular online betting destinations. For many people, they come across as a reliable and trustworthy company, since they are licensed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA).

BK8 offers other internet gambling and sports betting services to users all over the world, with special markets in Asia and Europe becoming the company’s main focus. BK8 recently won a landmark shirt sponsorship with English Premier League team Norwich City, an exciting deal aimed at expanding awareness of the brand in Asia. BK8 is based out of Singapore, where it has been trading for over ten years. Over the years, it has grown significantly, hiring more staff, and expanded into new markets like Malaysia and now Sri Lanka. In recent years, it has experienced rapid growth in countries like Malaysia, Thailand, India, and even Kenya. BK8 By providing its online bookmakers access to a number of these countries, BK8 hopes to tap into the lucrative markets of these countries, which are rapidly becoming popular with online sports betting.

One of BK8’s biggest sponsors is football, particularly football in the UK. The sport has exploded over the past few years, with top leagues in the UK and around Europe. As a result, there’s been a serious surge in interest in betting on matches, both for fun and profit. With this in mind, BK8 decided to take its football campaign global, and in doing so gave itself a rather impressive opening. The latest piece of sponsorship is a five-figure sponsorship from Malaysian conglomerate, Gatt Investment.

A key partner in the campaign has been the well-known Malaysian online gambling company, Goldenpalz, who have previously worked with BK8 in their efforts to expand their betting services across Asia. With the backing of one of the biggest names in the industry, it’s little wonder that BK8 is able to offer its range of online betting services across Asia, including its popular betfair site. Other partners in the campaign include the Singaporean internet poker site, Ultimate Bet, and the Philippines-based betting exchange, Playtech. The range of countries covered by bk8 includes Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and the Philippines.

As part of the deal, bk8 will be promoting its range of available products, including its own in-house betting company, as well as its range of associated products from the leading online gambling company, Ultimate Bet. This deal will also include a number of ‘top price’ deals from BK8’s affiliated online casinos, including its VIP poker room, its premier full-service casino site, and its VIP gaming club. These club membership deals are designed to attract new customers to the betting company, by guaranteeing them access to a specific set of games and gaming rooms.

The fact that bk8 now has the backing of two of the world’s most powerful and famous sports companies illustrates just how big a force bk8 has become in recent years. It also underlines the huge potential for growth that bk8’s leadership believe it has, in a region where it is not yet recognised by the majority of local businesses and organisations. With the aim of expanding its membership, bk8 is looking for strategic partners to help it grow in the region, such as big gaming operators in the UK, who can expand their existing gambling facilities in the UK and bring in more gaming tourists. With the right sponsorship deals, bk8 can take its place alongside the likes of the worlds leading online gambling companies such as Ultimate Bet, Coral Poker and Playtech in Asia.