Online Casinos and National Security

Online Casinos and National Security

One of the reasons why online casino gambling was banned by president
bush was fears that since the online casinos are based outside the
United States and had no legal monitoring system that the money could
be going to fund Islamic Fundamentalist groups like Al Qaeda, but no
evidence has been found nor have any accusations against any specific
online casinos been made.

Some people are claiming that the claims of Terrorist involvement in
online gambling can not be true, because if there were links between
the two it could not be all of the online casino, and by legalizing
online casino gambling online casinos could be opened in the united
states that could be monitored by a government regulatory commission,
like the FCC does for radio.

This Gambling oversight commission could be set up as an international
governing body that could be used to monitor who the owner of the
online casinos are before licensing them. This would also allow America
to share in the profits of a multi billion dollar a year industry it
also help assure that online casino gambling is fair and safe for

By making online casino gambling illegal the United States would have
only cut them off slightly from being able to continue to raise money
for terrorism, but by licensing the online casino and checking them
out, you could eliminate all the illegitimate online casinos. This
would ensure that terrorism was not benefiting at all from online
casino profits.

At the same time the American government is banning online gambling
terrorists could easily go online and use stock trading software or
open legitimate business in the united states to make money but no one
is stopping that from taking place, because the money from the sales
goes to American companies.

One can only assume that the real reason for this is the money. Since
over seas companies have already grabbed a hold of the online casino
market the United States is trying to break them by taking away the,
majority of their players. Then once the over seas online casinos go
under America will reverse their online gambling ban and allow the
American established casinos open online casinos.

If this was not the case then what is then how is it in the best
interests to only get online gambling banned in the USA and not try to
get the industry monitored?

Ockham’s razor states that the simplest answer is the most likely

answer, which means that chances are that the government knows full

well that online casinos are not helping to fund terrorism but they are

just trying to scare Americans from spending their money in online

casinos and allowing the money to leave the country without the

American government making anything in taxes from the proceeds. If the

online casinos were smart they would get together and figure out a way

to appease the American government and to stop them from using

terrorism as a weapon in the fight against online casino gambling.