Physician Jobs

Physician Jobs

Physician jobs are classified according to a specialty, for example Gynecology or Anesthesiology, or according to a type of practice like General Practice.

Physician jobs involve the diagnostic and treatment of human diseases and may have to do with various medical research fields.

The general tasks of a physician are to conduct various tests on patients and to check the related medical records, to discuss the patient’s diagnosed conditions and to recommend treatments, to administer medical treatments and to advise diets and exercise routines, then to monitor the patient’s progresses and conducting regular check-ups

At the specialist level physician jobs may be classified into 40 major fields.
Some of the most common specialties are:

* Anesthesiology: Administration of various forms of anesthetic drug for diagnosis or during surgery operations.

* Family Practice: Physicians in this specialty are concerned with the health-care needs of families and they are proficient in general medicine, being capable of caring for 90 percent of all problems presented to them by patients.

* General Surgery: Manual and operative procedures to correct deformities, defects, and injuries.

* Internal Medicine: The diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal organs such as the heart, liver, and lungs.

* Obstetrics and Gynecology: The care of women during and after pregnancy and delivery, and the treatment of diseases of female organs.

* Ophthalmology: The branch of medicine dealing with diseases or defects of the eye.

* Orthopedic Surgery: The diagnosis and medical or surgical treatment of diseases, fractures and deformities of the bones and joints.

* Pediatrics: The branch of medicine dealing with the development and care of infants and children, and with the treatment of their diseases.

* Psychiatry: The treatment and prevention of disorders of the mind, including psychoses and neuroses.

* Radiology: The use of radiant energy including X-rays, radium, and Cobalt 60 for treatment and diagnosis of diseases.

Physician jobs require that you care for and are able to inspire confidence in your patients. You have to explain complicated conditions in simple language and you must be able to keep information private. Being able to stay calm in emergencies is very important. Physicians need to be reasonably fit and have good hand-eye coordination. Physician jobs require writing reports and working independently.

The qualifications required for physician jobs varies from country to country but are in most cases a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, an internship at a hospital and various postgraduate training.